iPhoneography – Taking & Editing Photos With Your iPhone

OK, I’m not a photographer. A photographer is a person who has committed themselves to the art of photography, invests their time and money on the best camera gear and editing equipment.

Photography is an art. A good photographer knows their angles, their lighting and most of all – knows the best opportunity to take a great photo.

Again, I’m not a photographer, but I love taking photos.

When the iPhone 4S came out, I thought ‘how good is the camera!’. Then the 6S came out and the quality was even better, and now that I’ve had the iPhone 8Plus for a little under a year now, I’ve managed to take some pretty good photos – well, I think so.

The good thing about using your phone, are the FREE Apps available to edit your photos on your phone, or if you prefer, use the same apps on your iPad. One way to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your iPad, is to use AirDrop – need to learn how? Google it.

Some of the Apps I use are;

  1. April
  2. Lens Distortion
  3. Snapseed
  4. PS Express
  5. LightroomCC
  6. PhotoshopFix
  7. PhotoshopMe
  8. My Watermarks
  9. PicSplit (for Instagram)

I’m not writing a how-to-edit here. Do what I’ve done – experiment.

If you like an edit you’ve done, share it. If you want to see what can be achieved with your iPhone, just search Instagram using #iphoneography.

Just remember. You’re always going to have haters. I’ve posted photos in the past where people have critiqued my photos – as if I were a professional photographer. The fact that they feel the need to comment in the first place just shows that you’ve done a good job. Photographs, just like art (paintings for eg.) are viewed by, and liked (or not) by many people. There are probably millions of people that think the Mona Lisa is a terrible piece of art, yet it’s still loved by many – and the the  Louvre Museum hasn’t decided to remove it because of the haters! 

Edit and Post photos that you’re happy with, and ignore what the haters think.

Want to learn more about iPhoneography? You could start here. They haven’t paid me, nor did I ask them if I could link them. If they want the link removed, I will remove it.

iPhoneography can be fun. Taking the photo is just the start. Edit, Post and Enjoy.

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